Hi, I'm Kristi!

I am a corporate graphic designer by day and an illustrator by night. I've got a ton of experience in all regions of design, including print, web, mobile, and good old fashioned pencil and paper. One of my greatest strengths is user interface design; I excel at creating an experience that is easy to use and understand, as well one that looks good too.

Check out my most recent app design work by downloading the ShowMobile App for iOS or Android

Here's what people are saying about my work:

"Kristi is that rarest of marketing professionals who commands both knowledge of the business side of marketing as well as the technical skills needed to create stunning materials."

"Kristi is hands-down the most creative person I know. She has the ability to think outside the box [to develop] an original idea into a masterpiece before deadline and with what appears to be no effort at all."

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